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Beyond patents, it's been an IP heavy week. It began with the U.S. Patent Office officially issuing Apple with Registered Trademark Certificates for both 'Face ID' and the 'Home App.' Then Apple filed for a couple of figurative trademark applications for "Works with Apple Health" and others covering 'Schoolwork' and 'iPod Touch. The latter was an update filing that added support for all-things gaming.


'Works with Apple Health' Figurative Trademark


With the new Apple Watch 4 continuing to push deeper into the realm of health, it's no surprise to see that Apple has filed for two figurative trademarks representing "Works with Apple Health" icons. Filings 88128438 and 88128446 were made in the U.S. on September 23 and published yesterday. Apple's priority date filed outside of the U.S. was made on March 23, 2018.


2 X  Apple Health figurative TM filing   Apple

Apple has filed their trademark 88128438 under International Class 009. Apple legal has chosen the scope of this class to cover the following: Computer software in the field of health care, medicine, patient care, and medical records; computer software for the downloading, storage, transmission, evaluation, and review of medical records


Apple has filed their trademark 88128446 under two International Classes. The first is Class 042 covering "Computer software consulting services; electronic data storage; cloud computing services; providing online non-downloadable software in the field of health care, medicine, patient care, and medical records; data encryption services."


The second International Class is 044 covering "providing information in the fields of health, fitness, exercise, and wellness; providing a website featuring information on health, fitness, exercise, and wellness; and providing electronic access to patient medical records."


Face ID is now a Registered Trademark (RTM)



In September 2017 Patently Apple posted a trademark report covering Apple's filing for the Face ID icon in Europe. This week the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office granted Apple a registered trademark certificate 5568970 for the icon. While we usually present a representative of the actual RTM certificate, parts of the U.S. Patent and Trademark system is in maintenance mode having experienced some failures this week.


Apple's figurative Face ID icon trademark was filed under International Class 09 covering: "Computer hardware and software for secure biometric authentication and password management for use on computers, handheld mobile digital electronic devices and mobile telephones."


Being that it's a figurative trademark, Apple filed their trademark under additional required coding as follows: code 26.09.03 for "incomplete squares"; code 04.07.02 for "Objects form a person"; and code 02.11.16 for "Smiley Faces."


The last code's description is mildly humorous. It covers code 02.01.34 which describes "Monsters (not robots) and other grotesque things including men formed by plants or objects."


Wow, Apple's friendly little Face ID icon is now stuck in my head as something related to grotesque and monster-like: bummer.


4 Face ID's description  Bummer

Figurative Home App Icon now a Registered Trademark


In November 2016 Patently Apple posted a trademark report with Apple applying for their "Home" app icon along with others. This week the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office issued Apple registration number 5571239. The Registered Trademark Certificate PDF is unavailable to us at this time as USPTO's computer system has been undergoing issues that began early yesterday.

5 X PA - Home App icon now an RTM

Apple filed their Home App trademark under International Class 09 covering the following: "Computer hardware; wireless communication devices for the transmission of voice, data, images, audio, video, and multimedia content; computer peripheral devices; sound recording and reproducing apparatus; digital audio and video players and recorders; audio speakers; audio amplifiers and receivers; radio transmitters and receivers; remote controls for controlling computers, mobile telephones, mobile electronic devices, wearable electronic devices, smart watches, audio and video players and recorders, televisions, speakers, amplifiers, home theatre systems, and entertainment systems; electrical and electronic connectors, couplers, adapters, and switches for use with all of the aforesaid goods; alarm monitoring systems; residential security and surveillance systems comprising cameras, motion detectors, sensors, alarms, and computer software."


Apple's icon design codes 07.01.04 and 26.09.02 cover "Detached house," and "Plain single line squares."


Apple Files for Schoolwork App Icon Trademark


Apple first introduced Schoolwork at a special educational event this past March in Chicago. The App's icon noted below was filed for this week in Hong Kong under application 304678480 and in Europe under application 017960794. Both applications were filed under Class 09. The coverage under this class in both countries was a few pages long and we won't bore you by posting this endless list that included electrified fences, dog whistles and egg handlers. Are they still teaching kids how to use electric fences safely?  

6 apple icon for Schoolworks

Apple's iPod Touch Trademark Update is all about Gaming


On Monday Apple filed for an 'iPod Touch' trademark update, filing it under International Class 028 which covers the following:


  • Hand-held units for playing electronic games
  • Handheld game consoles
  • Hand-held units for playing electronic games
  • Handheld game consoles


Apple's iPod Touch webpage places emphasis on games and Apple's trademark update is only catching up with the reality of the day. For parents who don't want their younger children online should consider promoting the iPod Touch as a gaming machine.


7 Pod Touch apple imagery

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