Apple begins their battle against a Sea of Class Actions regarding iPhone Throttling
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Patently Apple's Week in Review Covers Apple's IP News, iPhone Rumors and the Galaxy Note 9 Delivering a Miss

12 Week in Review


Patently Apple's Week in Review for August 6th to 12th covers our top Apple IP news, the top iPhone rumors, interesting patents from our Patently Mobile IP site and today's report on Samsung's Galaxy Note 9 not beating Apple's current iPhone X in Geekbench-4 tests. 


Samsung's new Galaxy Note 9 is less Powerful than Apple's current iPhone X


On Thursday Patently Apple posted a report titled "Today Samsung Introduced Note9, the 'Galaxy Home' Smart Speaker and new 'S Pen' Remote Functionality." Samsung's New York keynote was flat and the lack of any new product punches was noticeable. Perhaps they're preparing to deliver a great 5G ready Galaxy smartphone for next year. But for this year, it's a real yawner.


While Samsung thought that they were on a roll this week, they released more silly 'ingenious' ads. Their first ad talked about the Galaxy Note being "really powerful." That's fake news because when actually tested, it's the iPhone X that's still king of power. If the Note 9 can't beat the current iPhone X, just imagine the power boost the iPhone updates coming in September will have over Samsung's Note 9. The new 7nm A12 Bionic processor will likely grind the Note 9 into dust.


2 XX iphone vs note 9 - iPhone x wins

Samsung's second ad talked about the Galaxy Note 9 having the S Pen and the iPhone having no equivalent.


In reality, the Note 9 S Pen is designed for a 5 year old's hand or that of a dwarf or perhaps a tiny Korean person. It's not made for a full sized U.S. adult hand. It's just not. The S Pen is an ergonomic disaster. Below is just one photo of an adult S Pen user contorting their grip on the pen in a way that's unnatural.


3 x s pen too skinny

If and when Apple decides to introduce Apple Pencil for iPhone, it may be slightly shorter, but it'll likely deliver a normal Apple Pencil feel with its comfortable grip that's ergonomically correct as it is now for the iPad Pro. The S Pen is not an advantage to brag about if it cripples a user's hand.


Apple IP & Legal News of the Week


01: Apple invents a new Approach to Touch ID by using Multiple Cameras under the Display to capture 3D Fingerprint Data

02: Apple Files for the 'FoundationDB' Trademark

03: Patent Reveals Plans for using Apple Pay's Secure Element in a Future e-Passport App

04: Apple Wins Patents for a Unique Inductive Charging Application, some of the technology behind Memoji, Apple TV Remote & more

05: Apple begins their battle against a Sea of Class Actions regarding iPhone Throttling

06: Apple updates their Smart Connector Invention to Focus on Pogo Pin Connectivity for many Devices

08: Apple won 52 Patents today covering Face ID for Future Macs, a Trio of Apple Store Design Patents & more


Best iPhone Rumors of the Week





The best of iPhone rumors this week came to us via Marque Brownlee's video noted above. C/Net's report came in second.


On Patently Mobile this Week




01: Major Samsung Patent reveals an all-new Single and Multi-Sensor In-Display Fingerprint System

02: Microsoft wins Major Patent for a Tele-Immersive System Experience using a Mirror Metaphor that may be for Hub 3

03: Contrary to Company Denials, the U.S. Patent Office Reveals another Microsoft Patent Pending Dual Display Smartphone


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