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Last year DisplayMate claimed that "based on their extensive lab tests and measurements the iPhone X becomes the Best Performing Smartphone Display that we have ever tested, earning DisplayMate's highest ever A+ grade. The iPhone X is an impressive display with close to Text Book Perfect Calibration and Performance!!"


Now industry Tracker DisplayMate reports that Samsung's new 6.4-inch Galaxy Note 9 deserves to win its highest-ever A+ grade for setting new records in various areas, including posting the highest absolute color accuracy.


Will Apple be able to match or surpass the Note9's quality? Now that we know that DisplayMate ranked the Note9 with the highest-ever A+ grade, the pressure is on for Apple's next-gen iPhones debuting next month to meet or beat that score.


The industry tracker said the Galaxy Note 9 received a grade of 0.5JNCD, or just noticeable color differences, which is a measure of color delivery accuracy. A smaller number indicates better accuracy, with last year's flagship Galaxy Note 8 holding a comparable figure of 3.4JNCD.


It added the Galaxy Note 9 holds a screen reflectance of 4.4 percent, which is the lowest ever among smartphones studied by DisplayMate.


"The Galaxy Note 9 OLED hardware performance has also been significantly improved, for example with a 27 percent brightness increase in the high brightness mode over the Galaxy Note 8, providing much higher screen visibility and readability in high ambient light," DisplayMate said.


You could review the full DisplayMate report on the new Galaxy Note9 here. Not to be picky, but the wording by DisplayMate notes that Samsung's Note9 display scored "its highest-ever A+ grade," not necessarily the Industry's highest overall grade. We'll just have to wait for the official DisplayMate review of Apple's next-gen iPhone to see if it becomes the Industry's highest grade for smartphones. Stay tuned.


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