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An iPhone X Camera Patent Surfaces describing the use of Fresnel Lenses for a Hybrid Wide-Angle-Telephoto Lens

Apple has been granted a Design Patent for their Apple Watch Sport Loop Band and Figurative Trademarks for 'Clips' & more

1 x cover Sport Loop band


When Apple launched Apple Watch Series 3 last September, they also launch the Sport Loop band, The Woven Nylon is updated with a new pattern and the incredibly lightweight Sport Loop effortlessly adjusts to fit wrists with unparalleled comfort. Apple Watch Edition expands to include a beautiful dark gray ceramic case that pairs with a new two-toned Sport Band.


Yesterday the Hong Kong Patent Office granted Apple a design patent for the Sport Loop band.


2 X Hong Kong registered design for apple sports band

Unlike "patent applications," design patents published by the U.S. or any foreign Patent and Trademark Office never reveal pertinent information about a particular design. All we get are simple patent figure visuals as those presented in our report below.


3 Sports Loop Design Patent Hong Kong

New Apple U.S. Registered Trademarks (Figurative)


Although the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office published two 'Registered Trademarks' (RTM) for Apple this week, both were officially approved on August 7, 2018.


RTM: iTunes Store Icon


4 X Apple figurative TM iOS iTunes Store icon

Apple's Registered Trademark #5,535,882 for the figurative iTunes Store icon was filed under International Class 09 with the following coverage: "Computer software for use in searching, browsing, reviewing, sampling, playing, purchasing, and downloading live and pre-recorded audio and video content."


RTM: Clips Icon


5 Apple RTM figurative - icon - Clips - Patently Apple report

Apple's Registered Trademark #5,533,416 for the figurative 'Clips' icon was filed under International Class 09 with the following coverage: "computer software for use in creating, editing, importing, exporting, and sharing video and multimedia content, adding animation, graphics, music, sound effects, and special effects to video and multimedia content, and posting video and multimedia content to websites and social media platforms."


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