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A New York Man Sues Apple Independently for Willfully, Maliciously & Oppressively designing iPhones that would Purposely Slowdown

1 Cover Lawsuit against Apple my NY man for slowing iPhones


Over 60 class actions have been filed against Apple for allegedly slowing down iPhones purposely and now a man from New York is suing Apple for the same thing independently and is demanding $75,000 (minimum) in his claim filed in San Jose California.


One part of the complaint filed by Mr. Brodsky reads as follows:


Apple Inc. et al, failed to use due care in the manufacture, distribution, design, sale and testing of the iPhones they were selling.


Apple Inc. et al, failed to provide adequate warning of component failure, thereby causing significantly slow performance, dropped calls, and excessive battery drain.


Apple Inc. et al failed to incorporate within the iPhones they designed, reasonable safeguards and protections against component failure, which ultimately caused significant slow performance, dropped calls, and excessive battery drain.


Apple Inc. et al, failed to make timely corrections to the iPhones they were selling in order to correct component failure, thereby causing them to significantly slowdown.


The Plaintiff upon ascertaining reliable information believes and alleges that Apple Inc. et al acted willfully, maliciously, oppressively and despicably, and had full knowledge of the adverse effects of their actions on the Plaintiff, and with willful and deliberate disregard of the consequences to the Plaintiff. By reason thereof, the Plaintiff is entitled to recover punitive and exemplary damages from Apple Inc. et al in an amount according to proof at trial."


You could review the full complaint below in a Scribd copy of the complaint provided courtesy of Patently Apple.  


Jay Brodsky vs Apple Inc Northern California by Jack Purcher on Scribd


The lawsuit presented in today's report was filed in the California Northern District Court, San Jose Office. The Presiding Judge in this case is noted as being Judge Nathanael M. Cousins.


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