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1 X cover iFixit teardown macbook pro 13 inch 2018


The iFixit teardown of the updated 13-inch MacBook Pro is now available, with the video coming at a later time. Below are just a few of the teardown highlights.


  • iFixit opens up last year's 13" MacBook Pro with Touch Bar for a quick comparison – and notes that "if we were to judge a MacBook by its cover, we'd say these were the same machine."


  • Apple says this butterfly keyboard is a bit quieter, but otherwise unchanged. After banging away at the keys in a side-by-side sound-off, we definitely perceive a lower, less clacky tone, but any difference in decibels is difficult to detect. The added silicon under the MacBook Pro keys while likely to assist against dust and dirt, is said to be mainly for sound-proofing according to Apple. The iFixit team isn't convinced of that explanation and will investigate further.


  • At 58.0 Wh, this battery has gotten a significant boost over the 49.2 Wh unit we found in our original 13" Touch Bar teardown. Turns out that extra 'oomph' comes from a slightly bigger battery—arrayed into six cells this time, instead of five. It's also heavier, weighing in at in at 232.7 g, versus the old battery's 196.7 g.


  • The new-and-improved speakers (on the right below) have grown, too—they're longer and narrower, filling all the remaining space, and bumping right up against the logic board thanks to the revised top case design.


2 x larger speaker


3 ifixit 

To learn about every chip and supplier, check out the full MacBook Pro iFixit teardown here. The video has yet to be released.


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