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Beyond the major stories of the day, our 'At the End of the Day' report takes a final look at other technology news that was published that might be of interest to our readership. Today's report covers Apple's position in Brazil, Google's push for a single OS for all devices and our rapid fire segment covers 8 interesting stories worth noting.


Sales of iPhones in Brazil are Stagnant


2 Brazil smarphone market 

While Apple's sales are stumbling in India and executives departing, we learn today that Apple's smartphone market in Brazil is stagnant as well. A new report by Counterpoint points out that "Apple held the fourth position in the smartphone market with a 5.7% share in Q1 2018. Apple has lost share since it decided to stop assembling in Brazil.


Samsung had almost half the share of the smartphone market. This shows its strong grip on the Brazil market due to robust local manufacturing and high levels of marketing spend on promotional campaigns. Samsung has now upped the ante in India with a new plant and new local ecosystem.


On July 10th Patently Apple posted a report titled "Samsung beats Apple in India by Opening the 'World's biggest Mobile Phone Plant in India' supporting a Local Eco-System of Suppliers" Samsung seems to understands how to work local markets to their favor over Apple.


3 Counterpoint chart Brazil

The GDP per capita in the U.S. is $57,467; in Canada $42,157 USD; in UK $39,900 USD; in China $8123 USD; in Brazil its 8,650 USD; in India it's $1,709 USD. So it's a bit of a mystery why Apple is doing so well in China and not Brazil with the same per capita.


Counterpoint's chart below shows that the sweet spot for smartphone pricing in Brazil is between $99 and $199. Apple doesn't play in that price range. The numbers suggest that Apple owns the $500 space but little else.


4. Brazil $199

Fuchsia, Google's Future Super OS, will Indeed take a Windows 10 Marketing Approach


5 Fuchsia

In November Patently Apple posted a report titled "Google's Secretive Next-Gen OS called 'Fuchsia' will reportedly Support Apple's Swift Programming Language." So where is the next-gen OS? Well, it appears that Google does in fact want to take a Windows 10 approach to the market where one OS will run on all devices as we noted in November.


Bloomberg reports that Google's "grander plan is to create a single operating system capable of running all the company's in-house gadgets, like Pixel phones and smart speakers, as well as third-party devices that now rely on Android and another system called Chrome OS, according to people familiar with the conversations.


According to one of the people, engineers have said they want to embed Fuchsia on connected home devices, such as voice-controlled speakers, within three years, then move on to larger machines such as laptops. Ultimately the team aspires to swap in their system for Android.


Fuchsia was created from scratch to overcome the limitations of Android as more personal devices and other gadgets come online. It's being designed to better accommodate voice interactions and frequent security updates and to look the same across a range of devices, from laptops to tiny internet-connected sensors. Of course there's a lot of heated debate about this along with twists and turns that you could read about in Bloomberg's full report here.


Rapid Fire Headlines Worth Noting


  • Microsoft beats the street: See Microsoft Press Release here.


  • Apple Piazza Liberty, Milan Italy. The new Apple Store Opening Day Announcement


6 Apple Piazza Liberty



1 Extra new redesign fed square Australia







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