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Verizon is Looking to Partner with Either Apple or Google for their 5G Connected TV Service starting in Sacramento this Fall

At the End of the Day: Microsoft wants to Win Consumers back big Time, ExtremeTech is Angry with Apple & Google Beats the Street



Beyond the major stories of the day, our 'At the End of the Day' report takes a final look around the blogosphere at other technology news that was published  that might be of interest to our readership.


Carlos the Apple Guy


A series of fixit videos by Carlos are reportedly true internal Apple repair videos, according to Motherboard. There's one example video below and the rest of them could be found here. The verdict is out as to where the videos originated.  


UPDATE July 24 2:40 a.m. PST: Perhaps Carlos did work for Apple or that Apple wasn't happy he was pretending to work for Apple, because all of the videos have now disappeared and the link to the site presenting the videos now states "This Channel does not exist."  Obviously Apple Legal stepped in. 





ExtremeTech Published a very angry report today partly aimed in-part at Apple titled "It's Time to Call Out Laptop Manufacturers for Their Bullshit CPU Throttling."


3 X Angery at Apple over throttling

The report notes that "Last week, news broke that Apple's most recent MacBook Pro refreshes with top-end Intel Core i7 and Core i9 microprocessors have major throttling problems. These issues are not unique to Apple but Apple's Core i9 implementation appears particularly egregious.


At the end the ExtremeTech report notes: "We're not claiming Apple was the first company to cross the line between 'flexible configurations' and 'Unacceptable throttling,' but the line has been crossed. This consumer-hostile, bullshit behavior needs to stop and it needs to stop now." Read more on this here.


Alphabet Trounces Profits



Last week Google got hit with a €4.34 billion fine for 'Android' OS Breaching EU antitrust rules. Google needed some good news for a change and after the bell today Google parent Alphabet Inc reported that its profit margin rose in the second quarter, delivering investors a long-awaited sign that expenses are coming into check.


Adjusted earnings per share were $10.58, which beat the $9.52 average estimate in research aggregated by Thomson Reuters. Some analysts excluded other items as well, and Alphabet also beat that consensus of $9.59. For more read the full Reuters report here.  



Apple will report their Financial Results for Fiscal Q3 2018 on July 31st, 5:00 p.m. ET, 2:00 p.m. PT.


Microsoft Really, Really means it this Time: They Plan to Win the Consumer Back


5 X cover Microsoft Modern Life services  devices

ZDNet's Mary Jo Foley, Mrs Microsoft herself, wrote late last week that Microsoft has a plan to try to win back consumers with new 'Modern Life Services. Forget that Microsoft killed off consumer products like Groove Music, the Microsoft Fitness Tracker and the Windows Phone, new Life Services are on the way in 2019.


Yusef Mehdi who got it wrong with Xbox One being the next great thing is now back with a new "Vision" for Microsoft's partners regarding "Modern Life" stuff in the works.


Mehdi acknowledged that "in the last couple of years, we've lost a little of that magic with consumers," according to attendees who asked not to be named.


Most consumer companies are laser-focused on one thing, Mehdi said. Amazon is focused on shopping; Spotify, on music; Netflix, on movies. Microsoft's core value proposition is productivity, he said. The company's job is to try to make productivity more sexy.


Microsoft is targeting so-called "professional consumers" with these services, Mehdi said. These are people who already know how to use technology but need to figure out how to use it better to make them more productive. The goal of these services will be to give users back time and help them focus on what matters to them.


In his tweet there was a lot of feedback about hoping to see a Microsoft phone device. This was what Wired was interesting in too but was shot down. So Microsoft is still lost because they're not following what real Microsoft fans/consumers want the most: a hot Surface Phone that could take on Apple's iPhone and Google's Pixel.


What Microsoft fans really want isn't being acknowledged because Mehdi says it's their upcoming 'Life Services' that consumers really want. In the end, Microsoft isn't a little lost with consumers, they're lost big time. Sorry Medhi. For more on this, read the full ZDNet report here.


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