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IP Activity in U.S. & China cover AirPlay 2, Siri High Sierra, Heart Study, the word 'Promotion' & Grotesque Monsters for Face ID


This week there was IP activity in both China and U.S. covering a wide range of trademarks (filings and RTMs) and design patents covering the Siri app icon for macOS High Sierra; AirPlay 2; the word 'Promotion'; Face ID covering 'Monsters' and more; and Apple's 'Heart Study' icons in color and black & White.


Registered Trademark Certificate for "AirPlay 2"


2 X AirPlay 2 RTM


Apple's registered trademark was filed under International Class 9 covering the following: "computer software for transmitting, streaming, receiving, playing, routing and storing audio, video, images, and multimedia content."


Apple Files Trademark for 'Promotion'


4 X Promotion TM filing

When reviewing USPTO's Trademark database for Apple I noticed an odd one working its way through the system for the word "Promotion." Its last entry was made on June 01, 2018 for opposition review.


The "Promotion" trademark is being filed under International Class 9 covering the following: "Computer graphics software; computers; computer display screens; handheld mobile digital electronic devices used as a telephone, personal digital assistant, electronic personal organizer, and electronic notepad computer, and used to access the Internet, electronic mail, digital audio and video, and other digital data; computer display screen software."


Siri, macOS High Sierra App Icon


Apple was granted a design patent for the macOS High Sierra app icon in China on June 1st in both color and black and white under serial numbers 1702389.4M001 / .4M002.


5 Siri app icon for macOS High Sierra

The trademarks were filed under the World Intellectual Property Organization Locarno Classification 14-04 for screen display icons. Below is one of the registration forms from Hong Kong covering the Siri icons.


6 X   hong kong siri icon registered tm june 1  2018

Apple Updates Coverage for Face ID Icon



In April Patent Apple posted an IP report covering several trademarks with Face ID being one of them. The International Class 9 Apple filed it under covered "Computer hardware and software for use in biometric authentication, verification, and access control; Biometric identification apparatus.


This week USPTO published an update to Face ID (serial #87757356) that was actually filed back in January. Under Mark Drawing Design Code, Apple listed the following:


02.01.34: Monsters (not robots); other grotesque including men formed by plants or objects

01.11.16: Faces, smiley; smiley faces

04.07.02: Objects forming a person; person formed by objects

26.09.03: Incomplete squares, squares, incomplete


Apple Heart Study Icons



On May 29 Apple filed for three trademark applications for their Heart Study icons under serial numbers 87940364, 87940428 and 87940409. Two cover the color icon and one for black & white. The trademarks covered three International Classes as follows;


Class 009: "computer software for monitoring heart rhythm, for detecting irregular heart rhythm, and for providing notification of irregular heart rhythm; computer software for collecting data for medical research; computer software for collecting, analyzing, and reporting data on physiological health; computer software for diagnosing and providing notification of cardiac arrhythmia."


Class 042: "scientific research services for medical purposes in the field of cardiac health."


Class 044: "health and wellness monitoring and assessment services; providing health information; medical testing, diagnostic, and reporting services; medical testing, monitoring, and reporting services; medical research services in the field of cardiac health; medical screening services in the field of cardiac conditions; remote monitoring of data indicative of the health or condition of an individual or group of individuals for medical diagnosis and treatment purposes."


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