While Samsung wanted to Pay Apple $28 Million for Patent Infringement, the Jury's Verdict was for over Half a Billion
VoIP-Pal Sues Apple Claiming iMessage and FaceTime Infringe on their newly Granted Patents

Samsung Legal Explodes in Anger over the Verdict Favoring Apple in Light of the Previous Supreme Court Ruling

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Considering that Samsung Electronics is always begging for Apple's business, it's amazing how they just can't handle another loss in this long-drawn-out iPhone case and move on. No, Samsung's legal team blew up after the verdict was handed down and stated that "Today's decision flies in the face of a unanimous Supreme Court ruling in favor of Samsung on the scope of design patent damages."


What is it that Samsung's legal doesn't get? It was a jury trial with the jury was allowed to award Apple one billion dollars. In part, Judge Koh instructed the Jury on Friday with the following:


  • "Apple seeks money damages for Samsung's sales of 16 of these 18 products. Apple does not seek damages on the Galaxy S (i9000) or the Galaxy S II (i9100).


  • Samsung disputes the amount of damages Apple claims.


  • Your sole job in this trial is to determine the amount of damages to be awarded to Apple."


It's black and white. There were no limits set by Judge Koh and now Samsung wants to rewrite history limiting what the jury was allowed to award Apple.


They just can't handle the verdict after thinking that they had backed Apple into a corner over possible infringement damages with the Supreme Court ruling. Perhaps Judge Koh should triple the damages in this case because their copying was evidently willful. Wouldn't that be sweet.


The Korean report went on to state that Samsung "vowed to consider all options over a US verdict that ordered it to pay its rival Apple additional damages for design infringement, including seeking an appeal."


Samsung's legal team added that "We will consider all options to obtain an outcome that does not hinder creativity and fair competition for all companies and consumers."


Of course Samsung can't accept the fact that the outcome was in fact a victory for every company that creates a new product, patents it and then has the right to sue ruthless copycats for illegally winning business away from them because of their IP theft.


Considering that Samsung Electronics and Samsung Display combined was granted 8,110 patents in 2017 (Apple with 2,229 patents), you'd think that they'd understand the value of owning patents so that they could sue those stealing Intellectual Property. But it's apparent that Samsung thinks it's only a one way street.


No one likes a never ending whiner. Each time Samsung loses in court and throws a public tantrum, they lose respect from consumers and potential customers. At this stage of the game Samsung is delusional and believes that they're above the law and that the only possible verdict and outcome is one where Apple loses face.


While business is business, I still ask the question: Why oh why does Apple do business with these copycat backstabbers?


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