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Japan Display aims to nearly double its automotive display sales in five years to lessen its dependence on Apple and other smartphone makers, a senior executive said on Thursday.


Holger Gerkens, who was appointed to lead Japan Display's automotive business in April, stated that "Unlike the fast-changing smartphone market, nothing is changing overnight (in the automotive market). That's a good thing."


The reference was clearly aimed at Apple who switched to OLED for its top premium smartphone without notice to them or LG Display. Apple's radical shift to OLED displays clearly hurt both Japan Display and LG Display.


It's definitely a way to burn bridges with suppliers and it's still unknown as to why Apple had to make such a dramatic shift and leave their long-time suppliers dangling in the wind which led to unnecessary financial losses.


Patently Apple posted a report about this back in September 2016 titled "One of Apple's Top Display Suppliers is on the Ropes."


The shift to automotive display products is widely seen as the key to helping offset the impact of a saturated smartphone market as more carmakers mount cockpits with digital features for navigation and entertainment systems.


Gerkens noted that "We know exactly what kind of projects we need to win to follow this growth."


Gerkens added that the combination of advanced technologies in thin-film transistors, touch screens as well as a history of trust would keep the company ahead of rivals. Read the full Reuters story here.


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