Apple Won 45 Granted Patents today covering an Apple Store Design, Glassimetal Nickel Alloys, AirPods Case & more
Apple Wins an Accessibility Patent Focused on assisting those with Hand Tremors work with Touch Devices Accurately

Apple Wins a Patent for a Futuristic 3D Imaging and Display System that Functions within an Invisible Workspace

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The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office officially published a series of 45 newly granted patents for Apple Inc. today. In this particular report we cover a single granted patent covering a 3D Imaging and Display System. Apple's patent covers a sophisticated 3D system that could generate an invisible space in front of the user that could allow them to work with holographic images or project their hands onto a screen in front of them to manipulate switches or move pieces of virtual paper or parts of a presentation. One could only image how this could be applied to 3D gaming, business or medical applications in the future.


Patently Apple first covered this invention extensively back in 2011. The report covered various aspects of Apple's invention in segments titled as noted below:


  • Background & Overview of Future 3D Displays & Devices
  • Passive 3D Input
  • 3D Input via Light Attenuation
  • What 3D Devices should Deliver for Consumer Products
  • Apple's 3D System Overview
  • Apple's 3D Imaging & Display System
  • Invisible Light Beam
  • Associated Audio & Feedback
  • The Mirroring System
  • Apple's 3D Imaging System: Unexpected Discoveries of Use and Value
  • A Virtual Keyboard Application
  • Painting a Moveable Object and Following It As It Moves
  • Think Gaming


2 X Mirror System Apple Granted patent

Being that our 2011 report covered Apple's first granted patent, Apple's second granted patent issued today has added new work done on this invention. Apple's first patent focused on "a three-dimensional imaging and display apparatus" which covered 40 patent claims.


In the granted patent issued today, Apple's focus is on adding a new dimension relating to a "scanning apparatus" which covers 18 patent claims. The first patent claim states the following:


"A scanning apparatus, comprising: a first radiation source, capable of emitting a modulated infrared beam; a second radiation source, capable of emitting a visible light beam; a scanning mirror capable of scanning, in a raster pattern, both the modulated infrared and the visible light beams over an imaging volume; a receiver capable of detecting the modulated infrared beam returning from the imaging volume; and a processor capable of processing a signal from the receiver in order to detect an object in the imaging volume and to control the second radiation source to project images."


Apple's granted patent issued today was originally filed in Q4 2014. To review Patently Apple's original and extensive report click here.


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