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Another almost useless report from Bloomberg points to technologies that Apple may or may never bring to market. The report notes that Apple is working on touchless gesture control and curved screens for future iPhones, projects that may help the company differentiate its most-important product in an increasingly crowded market. The report later notes that "both features are still in the early research and development stage and Apple could choose to not go forward with the enhancements."


Bloomberg's report states that "The control feature would let iPhone users perform some tasks by moving their finger close to the screen without actually tapping it. The technology likely won't be ready for consumers for at least two years, if Apple chooses to go forward with it, a person familiar with the work said.


Apple is also developing iPhone displays that curve inward gradually from top to bottom, one of the people familiar with the situation said."


Apple has many patents covering hover technology which Bloomberg's report is pointing to. It's not a new idea. One was granted to Apple in 2016 that was actually filed all the way back to 2009. Two other patents were granted to Apple for hovering gestures back in 2011 (one and two).


As for displays that may or may not bend, Apple has many, many patents on display concepts that they're working on that bend, fold and scroll that you could review here. Any one of these designs and patent ideas may or may not come to market.


Rumors are fun to read about if they're about something coming within months and are described with some specificity. But dreaming up rumors about something years away that may or may not happen according to anonymous sources is just wasting everyone's time.


Bloomberg's Mark Gurman was once the leading Apple blogosphere's predicting guru. More recently Apple blogs such as 9to5Mac, MacRumors and AppleInsider religiously follow predictions from Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities.


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