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1 Cover - Apple Euro Patent for water resistant process +  - Copy


Back on March 18 Patently Apple posted a patent application report titled "Apple files Patent Describing a new Water Resistant Coating Process and other Waterproofing Modifications." The patent pending invention was discovered in Europe which described new ways of waterproofing iDevices. Currently the Samsung Galaxy S9 carries a waterproof rating of IP68 while Apple's iPhone X is a little behind with an IP67 rating. Obviously Apple is working to advance iDevice ratings to the IP68 level. Our March report was extensive and you could check it out for more graphics and details, here.


Today the US Patent & Trademark Office published two patent applications from Apple covering the identical European patent's main theme of a new water resistant coating process for future iDevices. The European patent was a grand overview of Apple's planned process for waterproofing while the two U.S. patents focus their attention on waterproofing the SIM Tray and Audio Module.  


2 - Apple patent  Euro filing  liquid resistant coating FIGS 5 &  6


All of the patent figures are identical to those presented in their Europe filing. Apple's patent FIG. 6 above illustrates the enclosure shown in FIG. 5 subsequent to the coating operation and removal of the mask. Subsequent to the removal of the mask, FIG. 6 shows a first coating and a second coating covering the first layer and the second layer respectively. The first coating and the second coating remain to provide an ingress barrier to liquids that may pass through the aforementioned channels that receive the first part and the second part.


In U.S. Patent 20180110143 titled "Electronic Device with Liquid-Resistant SIM Tray and Audio Module," Apple notes in their abstract that "The electronic device may further include an audio module fitted with a sealing element. The sealing element may include extensions extending away from a main body of the sealing element, with some extension designed to engage the audio module, and other extensions designed to engage an audio module interface. The sealing element provides a seal against liquid ingress into the audio module.


The one additional paragraph notes: "The sealing element may include extensions designed to deform when engaged with the audio module as well as the audio module interface thereby providing a liquid-resistant seal between the audio module and the audio module interface."


Apple's second U.S. patent application 20180109659 covers 30 patent claims whereas the original European patent covered 60 claims.


Will Apple's the next-gen iPhones such as the iPhone X Plus (or whatever they brand it) be the first iPhone to support IP68 water resistance? It looks like it could, but only time will tell if the coating process they've invented is ready for prime time.


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