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Late last month Patently Apple posted a report that provided an update in the construction of the Apple Piazza Liberty store in Milan that will offer an amphitheater situated on the roof of the Apple store which is below ground level. Today two more great photos have surfaced Storeteller in Germany that shows us both the Amphitheater screen and the staircase to the Apple store that will double as a sort of grandstand for evening special events and movies.


Staircase / Grandstand


2 x milan apple store with amphitheater -  A - Staircase to store below ground dbles as grandstand for amphitheater

Amphitheater Screen


3  x apple milan store with amphitheater B

Last week Patently Apple posted a patent report titled "Apple Wins Patent for Advanced Spatial Audio for Beamforming Speakers like HomePod, Home Theaters and beyond." Apple's advanced spatial audio may end up being tested in concert with Apple's new Amphitheater. Now that would be an interesting development.


As a side note, we posted a report in March about Huawei getting into Apple's face by driving Ad-Trucks in front of a series of UK Apple stores days before Huawei introduced their new P2 with advances to their AI.


In the photo of the amphitheater directly above, you'll see another Huawei ad in the top left about the P20's AI. In Italian it's written, "Potenziata da A.I." meaning Powered by A.I. The Huawei logo is clearly seen.


You know, it's becoming an obsession of Huawei's to be in Apple's face. In an odd way, it's almost funny.


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