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Apple's iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X have Superior Battery Life over Samsung's new Galaxy S9

1 X a cover iphone 8 plus


While the iPhone X gets all of the attention in the press, the iPhone 8 Plus has a nice little advantage: It provides longer battery life. In fact it crushes Samsung's latest Galaxy S9 as noted in the chart below from UK's phoneArena. The only smartphone to beat Apple's iPhone 8 Plus is Huawei's P10 model. The new P20 didn't get tested yet but should do as well or better


2 x battery life results

The same test over at Anandtech gave the iPhone 8 Plus an even better result at 11 hours and 83 minutes [Anandtech's 83 minutes is obviously an error].


Both phoneArena and Anandtech seem to be pointing to Samsung's S9 Exynos processor for the decline in battery life that Android fans are not happy about.


Samsung's Dripping Hypocrisy


Do you remember the famous Galaxy S5 Wall Hugger ad by Samsung as presented below?  



Does the latest Galaxy S9 offer a removable battery? Of course not. So who are the Wall Huggers now? Apparently Galaxy S9 owners are, that's who. It's sweet to see Samsung's smart aleck marketing come back to bite them.


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