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1 cover headset with iPhone


While Apple has been working on various kinds of headsets including a futurist design recently revealed in a number of patent application reports (one, two and three), there's been one design with a consistent theme of inserting an iPhone into the headset acting as its video display. The original patent for this style of headset was covered by us in 2010 or 8 years ago. Since that time we've kept on top of many of the updates including two published in 2016 (one and two).


Apple's 2016 continuation patents began emphasizing the use of a "cellular telephone" in its patent claims. In today's continuation patent Apple goes from sporadically listing "cellular telephone" to listing it in all 20 patent claims, which is a first.


In addition, the use of the term "game content" was presented four times in Apple's patent claims which could be a hint as to one of the main uses for this particular style of headset. You could read Apple's new patent claims of continuation patent 20180097920 in full here.


Apple's patents have shown that the company is working on several kinds of headsets. In our opening paragraph we linked to their higher-end mixed reality headset model. Another style of headset could come in the form of smartglasses emphasizing augmented reality and the accessory styled headset that will use an iPhone's display for gaming is what today's continuation patent is describing.


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