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A new report posted today is taking a huge leap of faith by forecasting that Apple will replace Intel processors with their own designed processors for 2020. While Apple could of course have a Mac-like product with its own processors, completely breaking away from Intel seems radical, even for Apple. Then again, Apple has their pulse on the business market with partnerships with IBM 1, IBM 2, Cisco, SAP, Deloitte, GE, Accenture and more. If this has a chance of flying, it's because their partners are giving the project a green light.  


Bloomberg believes that Apple is working on a more common platform with iDevices and Macs working "more similarly and seamlessly together."


For now, it's a bit of stretch considering that the rumor is banking on "people who asked not to be identified." Then again, Bloomberg's report does state that their story is "Developing …" so stay tuned for more details. 


Considering that Patently Apple posted a report last week about a futuristic invention about a portable virtual reality based desktop working with 3D documents, perhaps there's a paradigm shift in the works after all. And one thing's for sure, their futurist system never had Intel processors in mind.


Then again, I highly doubt that such a platform would be ready for anywhere near 2020. So we'll have to settle for something that's a little more reserved and humble in scope.


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