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In late December Patently Apple posted a report titled "Nearly 67,000 iPhone users Jump on Board Korean Lawsuit against Apple with the Law Firm stating that Apple's apology wasn't enough." We're now learning that this lawsuit was officially filed today in South Korea over a software tweak that slowed older iPhones. While the original count of participants in the lawsuit was noted as being 67,000, in the end the official count was noted as being 63,767. It marks the largest number of participants for a single lawsuit in South Korea.


The Hannuri Law firm stated in their filing that "Even though Apple knew the software update would slow down some iPhones, it failed to notify users to hide the flaws in the battery, to prevent consumers from seeking other options and to promote sales of iPhones."


The Hannuri Law firm is demanding that Apple pay US$12 Million (12.75 billion won) in compensation, or $US188 (200,000 won) to each of the users. The amount that's being demanded is quite reasonable considering the amounts being demanded in the U.S and a second lawsuit in Korea.


Earlier this month, the Citizens United for Consumer Sovereignty, a civic group, filed a second suit against the Cupertino, Calif.-based firm and the Korean subsidy on behalf of 401 people. They filed their first suit in January, representing 122 people.


The group demanded damages of US$2,074 (2.2 million won) per each iPhone user, which includes the price for a new iPhone as well as compensation for stress caused by the case.


In the U.S. the compensation demands are completely out of wack ranging from $5 million up to $999 Billion. Yes, that's with a 'B.'


Patently Apple extensively covered the class actions filed against Apple on this very issue in the beginning with our last report being posted in late January. Up to that point in time the count had reached 50 class actions and there have been many more class actions filed since that time that we haven't covered. The count is likely beyond 60 class actions at this point. The last class action filed that we've seen on record is noted below.


2 class action againt apple on slowing iphones - filed mar 15  2018


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