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Earlier today Patently Apple posted a report titled "The Discovery of Apple's Secret Micro-LED Display Testing Plant in California Rattles Display Maker Stocks in Asia." Now we're learning that Apple and its subsidiary LuxVue Technology have applied for more patents related to Micro-LED technology in South Korea than Samsung and LG.


According to the government, Apple applied for 11 patents, while LuxVue Technology applied for 23 patents for Micro-LED technology over the last decade in Korea. LuxVue Technology is a Micro-LED firm acquired by Apple in 2014 for the development of the next-generation technology.


During that same period, Samsung Electronics applied for 24 micro-LED patents while LG Electronics applied for 29. A few others have filed for more. 


The patents Apple has applied for are related to Micro-LED's chip structure, the method of picking and placing Micro-LED to plates and the controlling system.


Kim Jong-chan, chief of the Korean Intellectual Property Office's display device screening team stated that "Apple's application here appear to be due to the presence of Korean tech firms, including Samsung and LG, which may use Micro-LED panel for their devices in the future."


Samsung and LG are also gearing up for the development of the new panel technology. At CES 2018, Samsung showcased a 150" micro-LED TV.


In response, LG Electronics also reportedly plans to unveil its Micro-LED display during the IFA consumer electronics show in September in partnership with LG Display and LG Innotek.


Micro-LED screens feature miniature light-emitting diode arrays, which make future gadgets slimmer and brighter, and consume less power.


The number of Micro-LED-related patent applications rose 10 times from 12 in 2012 to 120 last year in Korea. Overall, the total number over the last 10 years stood at 358, with the number of applications from Korean large firms at 119 and foreign firms at 116.


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