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It's no secret that Siri is perceived as lagging behind her competing AI cousins at Amazon (Alexa), Google (Google Assitant), and Microsoft (Cortana). While the other assistants are picking up new skills on a daily basis (Alexa Skills and Google Actions are massive, growing categories), Siri is still struggling to take notes and turn off lights. When Apple released the long-awaited HomePod, critics praised the speaker's sound quality but unanimously called it crippled by Siri's lack of smarts.


According to a new report by Thinknum, "Apple hiring trend data suggests that the company is finally taking its Siri intelligent assistant seriously. According to hiring data that we track at Thinknum, the number of open positions that contain the term "Siri" has accelerated in recent weeks, with a current all-time high of 161 job listings posted today alone. This marks a jump in hiring for the keyword of 24% in just over a month."


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As you see in the chart above, hiring for Siri-focused positions accelerated in mid-February. The hiring trend has been on an upward trajectory since summer 2016, but only recently did the openings spike so acutely.


Apple has come under fire of late for Siri's lagging intelligence, especially when compared to her competitors at Amazon and Google. Read the full Thinknum report here.


Thinknum is a web platform that allows investors to get data driven investment ideas by monitoring companies' websites. They're based out of New York.


The long standing public perception of Apple's Siri lagging behind every major competing digital assistant on the market today really got under the skin of Apple's Greg Joswiak, VP of product marketing last summer. We covered his angry response in a report titled "Apple's Marketing VP says that Siri was designed to be a "Get-Shit-Done Machine" not Trivial Pursuit!"


Articles by Mashable, VentureBeat and Wired are just a few that say Apple is losing the battle of digital assistants.


What's your take on Siri? Do you think that Apple dropped the ball? Send in your comments below


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