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1 X cover AirPods blew up


There's been a lot of great news about Apple surfacing this month about their performance in Q4 2017. It started with its FY 18 1st Quarter Results being a blowout and the iPhone X being the #1 shipping smartphone for Q4; Apple took 85% of China's premium smartphone sales in Q4; The iPad Pro was the #1 detachable tablet market winner; and the Apple Watch Series 3 with LTE was the runaway winner for Q4.


On the flip side there's been a lot of negatives with a string of software glitches that forced Craig Federighi to cancel a number of features for iPhones this year and push them into 2019; there's been well over 50 class actions over Apple slowing iPhones to date and Cook got caught lying about the timing of the battery notices after blaming customers for not paying attention. There's also been hundreds of customers reporting missing calls on iPhone X; more battery fires, this time in China, and the EU's antitrust regulators are breathing down Apple's neck over their acquisition of Shazam.


Adding to the fire, a Florida man is claiming that his AirPods blew up at a gym where he works out.


NBC News reported yesterday that "Jason Colon, of Tampa, was listening to a dance mix at the LA Fitness on 4th Street in St. Petersburg when he noticed something strange. "And then I saw white smoke start billowing out," he said.


He left the AirPods on a piece of workout equipment and got help. When he returned, he was shocked."It was already like this. It was already popped. I didn't see it happen, but I mean, it was already fried! You can see flame damage," Colon said. He's thankful he thought to remove the wireless AirPods when he sensed trouble." You can't even imagine the damage that it could have caused Mr. Colon is the AirPods would have popped in while still in his ears.  


For more on this, check out the full story here. While it's only one set in millions sold, it's going to get headlines just because it's an Apple product. Apple is likely to investigate the incident, but just don't hold your breath in learning about their findings.


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