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In December the news of Apple acquiring Shazam became public. Shazam is based in Britain and is therefore subject to EU review. It's being reported today that the EU antitrust regulators will examine Apple's acquisition of British music discovery app Shazam following a request from seven European countries.


Reuters reports that the EU antitrust enforcer said that based on preliminary data provided by the seven countries, the deal may have a significant adverse effect on competition in Europe.


Apple will now have to formally ask the Commission to approve the deal. The EU regulator can either clear the bid with or without conditions or open a full-scale investigation if it has serious concerns."


The sentiment in Europe of late is anything good for America is bad for Europe. Already making negative comments in public shows their bias.


Apple wants to improve their music service and acquiring Shazam was only natural being that Apple had been working with them regarding Siri.


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