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An Israeli Technology Company Undercuts Facial Recognition to Bolster Privacy under EU's new Privacy Law



Apple introduced Face ID with the new iPhone X, replacing their fingerprint security known as Touch ID. Globally, the growing sophistication of facial recognition technologies turn our faces into passwords that aren't protected and cannot be changed once compromised. The Israeli company D-ID offers a system that protects images from unauthorized, automated face recognition. Images are processed in a ground-breaking way that causes face recognition algorithms to fail to identify the subject in the image, while maintaining enough similarity to the original image for humans not to notice the difference.



The European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will require all companies that handle personal data of EU citizens to meet data protection requirements. Under the GDPR, face images are "Sensitive Personal Data" which are subject to additional security requirements and restrictions. D-ID is the first of its kind to offer a specific solution to protect images by way of Privacy by Design.


The new ID Protection law goes into effect in May 2018 which means that Apple and Face ID will have to comply with this new law. Politico reports that "Most multinational companies from Google to General Electric must comply with the new standards because of their existing activities in Europe." To date there has been no official word on this from Apple. Whether a similar law is being contemplated for the U.S. is unknown at this time. 


Rinat Harash Reports on this issue for Thompson Reuters from Tel Aviv. The Video is provided by Reuters Newslook.


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