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Scottish Socialist Party Plan a Protest at Edinburgh Apple Store to Demand more than 'Poverty Pay' for Apple Store Staff

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A report from Scotland tells us that Scottish Socialist Party plan to stage a demonstration outside the shop in Princes Street, armed with a 7ft replica iPhone X and placards demanding: "Give workers a bigger bite of the Apple."


Hugh Cullen of the Scottish Socialist Party said that "Apple is the richest company in the world. They made profits of $44 billion (£32bn) last year, yet they do not even pay their staff here a living wage."


Edinburgh News noted Cullen further stating that "Leaving aside the slave wages they pay workers in China, we aim to draw attention to the poverty pay their staff endure here."


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In an attempt to put some perspective to the story, below is a UK, Scotland wage scale chart divided into minimum wage, national living wage and real living wage. 7.50 (UK Pounds) is roughly US$10.50; 8.75 (UK Pounds) is roughly US$12.02 and 10.20 (UK Pounds) is roughly US$14.01. According to Glassdoor Glasgow UK, Apple pays 8.24 (UK Pounds) hourly for floor reps at the Edinburgh store, which is on level of voluntary pay scale starting at 8.75 (UK Pounds). Apple's 8.24 (UK Pounds) is $11.32/hr. According to Indeed (bottom of page), Apple pays US Apple Store sales staff $14.51 and up. This isn't to be used as absolutes, but an overview according to data available.


I don't see "Poverty Pay" but rather Apple paying higher than minimum wage and in fact towards the higher voluntary pay scale. It's up to the Socialist Party to spell out their grievances in real wages and what they're demanding. Screaming fowl play isn't really going to win over people to their cause without specific grievances spelled out.




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