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Apple Music's Jimmy Iovine Says his Departure from Apple is nothing more than Fake News

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Billboard published a report on January 4th stating that Apple's Music's Jimmy Iovine was leaving Apple in August. In a new interview Iovine clearly stated that "We need Donald Trump here to call it 'fake news' because the vast majority of his company stock vested a long time ago, so even the reasoning behind the Billboard story was wrong.


In an exclusive, Variety reports that "Music mogul Jimmy Iovine shot down rumors that he plans to exit Apple in August telling Variety that he's committed to staying on the team and helping the company get music streaming right.


'I am almost 65, have been with Apple for four years and in 2 1/2 years the [Apple Music] service has gotten to well over 30 million subscribers and Beats has continued its successful run. But there's still a lot more we'd like to do.


The bottom line is I'm loyal to the guys at Apple. I love Apple, and I really love musicians. That's why those articles annoyed me, because it had nothing to do with reality. It made it out to be all about money.'


At the moment, Iovine thinks streaming has a way to go before meeting its mission. He noted that "right now, I'm committed to getting streaming right." There's a lot more to Variety's report and you could read all about it here.


Patently Apple posted a story going back to 2015 titled "Apple's Jimmy Iovine Pounds the table to Kill Off the Freemium Music Business Model." If anything, Iovine has a deep passion for music, and more importantly, for music artists. Iovine believes the music industry's Freemium streaming music business model is hurting artists badly. That's a great fight, and Iovine had made that a critical mission.


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