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Apple's Second Brooklyn Store Grand Opening Yesterday Showcased a Few new Features

1 X cover BROOKLY apple store


The Apple Downtown Brooklyn Store opened yesterday morning, marking Apple's 11th store in New York and second for Brooklyn. It's one of the oddest designed stores of all their flagship stores and dramatically different from the original architectural drawing.


The massive exterior and interior metal beams that are seen through the massive glass panes offer a smart street level view of the store inside. Overall the store's deviation from the original design that offered more glass and less tile was better visually and it's unknown why the switch in the design was made.


With that said, what counts in any Apple Store is the interior and atmosphere that the trained staff bring to the table. The new store Apple delivers a few new touches and the main one is featured below.


2 X Brooklyn
2 X Brooklyn


The new free floating dual sided shelving unit isn't connected to a store wall like most Apple stores. The second feature is one that sits under the display tables as noted below which is a bit of a mystery.


4 Brooklyn store table
4 Brooklyn store table


The Apple Store in Brussels in 2015 shows a massive power wire under the table leading to a similar floor block beneath. The new Brooklyn store has the floor block but no power wire. Either Apple has built the power wire into one of the legs of the table or it's using a first generation wireless charging mechanism.


Last year Patently Apple posted a patent report titlled "Patent Reveals a Wireless Charging System for Apple Store Product Tables and Home Desktops." Whether that still to come or was modified for the Brooklyn store is unknown at this time.


6 Brooklyn Store - photo CNET

6 Brooklyn Store - photo CNET


Our cover graphic and the two photos above are from a C/NET report where you could find a larger selection of photos.


At the moment Apple has yet to publish opening day photos. Patently Apple may or may not publish a part-two of this Brooklyn Store report when Apple officially publishes their traditional jumbo photos later this morning.


The store was packed yesterday morning as expected, but not overly crowded, as staff limited the amount of people allowed in the store at one time to make for a more enjoyable shopping experience. Customers that arrived early enough on opening day received a free T-shirt. You could view a TV news report about opening day from News12 Brooklyn here.


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