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Yesterday we posted a report that noted it had been a busy 24 hours in the streaming music business with news of a new YouTube music service and Spotify and Tencent acquiring minor stakes in each other. Well, before the 24 hour clock ran out, the news began to surface that Apple was reportedly in the process of acquiring Shazam. Shazam Entertainment, is the British app development company that created the best app that identifies music, movies, advertising, and television shows, based on a short sample played and using the microphone on your device. The software is available for iOS, Android, macOS and Windows.


TechCrunch, who was first to report on Apple acquisitions Vrvana, Invisage and Regaind, is now reporting that Apple has acquired Shazam. The report specifically noted that "Sources tell us that the company is close to acquiring Shazam, the popular app that lets people identify any song, TV show, film or advert in seconds, by listening to an audio clip or (in the case of, say, an ad) a visual fragment, and then takes you to content relevant to that search. We have heard that the deal is being signed this week, and will be announced on Monday, although that could always change."


In October 2016, Shazam announced its mobile apps had been downloaded more than 1 billion times, and users had performed more than 30 billion "Shazams" since launch.


Some implementations of Shazam incorporate relevant links to services such as iTunes, Spotify, YouTube, or Groove Music.


Shazam can identify prerecorded music being broadcast from any source, such as a radio, television, cinema or music in a club, provided that the background noise level is not high enough to prevent an acoustic fingerprint being taken, and that the song is present in the software's database.


Other than choking the service off from other platforms, it's unknown at this time what Apple's plan for the service will be. Back in 2014 Patently Apple reported on Apple's iOS 8 introducing new Shazam music feature for Siri.


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