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Apple files for a Pair of new Trademarks that Support Devices that 'Connect to Apple Watch'



In November Patently Apple posted a report titled "The FDA approves a new EKG Reader in the form of an Apple Watch Band that detects abnormal heart rhythm and AFib." Obviously Apple is envisioning many more health devices will be coming to market that will connect to Apple Watch, as they've filed for a pair of figurative trademarks that are slightly different to accommodate this emerging market as illustrated below.  

2 - A pair of Apple figurative trademarks

The encircled runner in white trademark noted above highlights "Connect to Apple Watch' while the runner in lime green highlights 'Connects to Apple Watch.'


Apple Trademarks Filed under 3 International Classes


The international classes below indicate that the trademarks will be used for health devices and with fitness and exercise related to GymKit. Apple noted the following on their introduction to Apple Watch series 3: "With GymKit, users will soon enjoy the ability to connect to their favorite cardio equipment and experience two-way synchronization of data with just a tap, resulting in the most accurate information possible."


Class 09 Covers: "Computer software, including computer software in the field of health, fitness, exercise, and wellness"


Class 10 Covers: "Health, fitness, exercise, and wellness sensors, monitors and displays; medical apparatus and devices."


Class 28 Covers: "Fitness and exercise machines and equipment; body-building apparatus."


Apple asserts a claim of priority for the trademarks based on Jamaica application numbers 072768 and 072769, filed on 06/23/2017.


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