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Patently Apple has already covered some of Q3 2017 smartphone stats. One report covered Worldwide stats, showing the iPhone 7 was the best selling smartphone, while the second report covered stats in the US based on overall shipments.


Today we learn a little more about Q3 in terms of the top smartphone models. According to a new Counterpoint report, Apple iPhone models took 6 out of the top 10 spots in the U.S. in Q3 with the iPhone 7 (combined models) clearly the runaway champ with 14.6% market share while Samsung's Galaxy S8 only scratched out 7.3% market share (combined S8 models) as a distant second as presented in the chart below.


Top Selling Smartphone Models Q3 2017


2 smartphone best sellers list Q3 2017

Top Selling Smartphones by Carriers in Q3 2017



Sharing insights on in-carrier competition, Research Director, Neil Shah, mentioned, "Verizon had a good quarter and remained the biggest channel for smartphone sales, followed by T-Mobile, AT&T and Sprint. Sprint has almost caught up with AT&T in terms of smartphone sales as upgrade rates at AT&T have been the lowest. Apple led all the major carriers with robust demand for its older models, unlike in past, as the iPhone 8 series contributed little."


Though in context, Apple only had the iPhone 8 on the market for a week this year in contrast to having the iPhone 7 out for two weeks in 2017. And, in 2017, the iPhone 7 was the top iPhone model whereas the iPhone 8 was not this year. The iPhone X is Apple's top model, changing the demand dynamic for the first time in its history, thereby screwing up statistical charts for analytical companies like Counterpoint.  


In one last note on the iPhone X, Research Director, Jeff Fieldhack stated that "Highlighting last week's iPhone X launch, as per our retail surveys, the iPhone X launch saw higher store traffic than last year.  Checks showed 256GB memory configuration sold slightly above 64GB on its opening weekend. Apple's guidance suggests the iPhone X will be a strong contributor of Apple's mix in CYQ4."


In one of our reports on the Google event in October introducing the Pixel 2 smartphone I noted that entire presentation was pushing AI and a number of digs at Apple. One specific point in the report it was noted: "Another in your face Apple moment came towards the end of the Pixel 2 presentation. Google's VP of Product Management Mario Queiroz wanted to push back at Apple's mention of Android switchers to iPhone, and so as the slide shows below, they introduced the ease switching from an iPhone to the Pixel 2."


Queiroz stated: "We're also making it easier than ever to switch to Pixel. Most new Pixel users will be able to transfer their stuff from their old phone (iPhone) in less than 10 minutes. Including all of your photos, apps even your iMessages."



Queiroz's snarky iPhone to Pixel 2 switch slide drew laughter and applause from the audience. Well, I guess the joke is on Queiroz. When reviewing general highlights for the month, Counterpoint noted that "Despite high amounts of TV and digital advertising, the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL appear to have had a disappointing sales start. Further, there are multiple reports of hardware defects including problems with the display."  


Counterpoint added that "Google has worked hard to bring unique hardware to the market to convert some iOS subs to Android.  However, to date, Pixel family device volumes have picked off volumes from Android OEMs…" and not from iPhone users. Oh, how shocking.


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