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A little over two years ago Patently Apple posted a report titled "TSMC is Entering the CMOS Image Sensor Market to Capture Sony Customers like Apple." TSMC did their homework and teamed up with InVisage for high-end technology that could take on Sony, the leader in this field, who had Apple as a major customer. The technology that InVisage uses is based in-part on Quantum Dot. Patently Apple posted a report in September titled "Apple's Fourth Invention Covering Next-Gen Quantum Dot Displays surfaced today at the U.S. Patent Office." Quantum Dot technology that InVisage has relates to QuantumFilm. The company impressed Apple's partner TSMC so much that Apple decided to acquire the company.


InVisage states that "QuantumFilm is a photosensitive layer that relies on InVisage's newly invented class of materials to absorb light; specifically, the new material is made up of quantum dots, nanoparticles that can be dispersed to form a grid once they are synthesized. Just like paint, this dispersion of solid materials can be coated onto a substrate and allowed to dry. Below is a simple video that provide consumers with a basic ABC of the technology InVisage has invented.  



TechCrunch was the first to report on Apple acquiring the company. While TechCrunch calls the company an image imaging sensor 'start-up,' we've shown you that TSMC saw the brilliance of the company years ago – so there a little more than a start-up.


If TSMC thought their high end technology could help win Apple's business away from Sony, then Apple is likely to give TSMC the business in manufacturing next-gen image sensors that would or could eventually cut Sony out of the business for iDevices.


Apple loves to own the technology going into their devices and this could be one of their next big moves.


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