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In February Patently Apple posted a report titled "Beyond the 160 Million OLED Displays already Secured with Samsung, Apple is now in Talks with China's BOE." At the time BOE noted that their OLED displays were underpinned by their proprietary advanced Super Dimension Switch technology and characterized by ultra-high definition, ultra-slim bezel, high contrast-ratio, ultra-thinness, integrated touch solution, great energy efficiency, and environmental friendliness. Today a new report reiterates that Apple is still in talks with BOE who now has entered the flexible OLED market that could directly compete with Samsung. BOE is the first Chinese based display company to enter the flexible display market.


The company already has orders lined up with Huawei. According to a new Korean report, "it is confirmed that BOE is going to start producing flexible OLEDs at its B7 plant, which is located in Chengdu, at the end of this month. It has already secured parts and materials that are needed to manufacture flexible OLEDs and is planning to produce 5.99-inch flexible OLEDs starting from November after starting off with 5.5-inch flexible OLEDs. It is understood that BOE is going to produce about 10,000 flexible OLEDs per month. Although its output is rather small due to low yield, it is going to supply its flexible OLEDs to Huawei.


Huawei is the number one and number three Smartphone manufacturer in China and in the world respectively. According to industries, Huawei is planning to use flexible OLEDs from BOE for its Smartphone business starting from this month.


This is the first time when a Chinese business is producing flexible OLEDs. BOE is China's biggest display manufacturer and has become a global business in LCD markets after actively making investments along with support from Chinese Government. By supplying flexible OLEDs to Huawei, BOE has also achieved positive results of entering flexible OLED markets that are growing at a fast rate."


The shift to flexible OLED could have been something that Apple pushed for in their talks with BOE back in February and perhaps a schedule as to when they could enter Apple's supply chain. As Apple shifts their main product displays from LCD to OLED and flexible OLED, they'll need BOE, LG and others firing on all cylinders to complete the shift as soon as possible.


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