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On Monday Patently Apple posted a report titled "Questionable Rumor Claims Apple is telling iPhone X Component Suppliers to Slow down Delivery." The report noted that the tech media is now into high gear inventing hit-pieces on Apple. To a certain extent this is now the norm and actually expected. This is why Patently Apple posted a report prior to the iPhone event in September titled "It's Circus Time: Apple Competitors race to discredit the coming iPhones as behind the Curve & Late to Market" so that Apple fans could take all the noise that would be coming Apple's way in stride.


Another day, another negative rumor about the so-called delay of Apple's iPhone X. Rumor sites know that 99% of the time Apple won't bother to refute negative rumors and so they feel they have license to write anything they invent knowing that analysts rooting for Android will support a negative Apple story in the blink of an eye.


Today, the rumor isn't that it's a lack of OLED displays from Samsung but rather camera problems holding back the higher end iPhone. Debby Wu reporting the for Nikkei Asian Review states in her latest report that two executives working for iPhone suppliers have told her that 3-D sensor part makers are struggling to reach satisfactory level output and are currently unable to boost yield rate.


As expected the admission comes forward that 'Both sources were unable to offer clarity on whether Apple could meet large orders after iPhone X's launch. One of the sources said that iPhone X was being churned out in small quantities, around some tens of thousands daily."


The Nikkei report further noted that "iPhone X has been plagued by a number of production issues and its shipment date of Nov. 3 is much later than those of iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus, which are already in the market having been launched earlier this month." Yet that's a theory that the iPhone X is "late" as opposed to it being a strategic move on Apple's part to spread the strong sales of the new iPhone between two quarters.


Doesn't anyone find it funny that only Apple's iPhones experience production problems every year with the Taiwan supply chain? And this year, Apple is "plagued" with problems. Until Apple's CEO spells out in their financial conference calls that there were production problems worth noting, it's likely that most supply chain reports on this subject are highly over-charged and exaggerated beyond recognition. Once again, it's circus time in overtime and not to be taken too seriously.


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