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Lovey Love Harris of St. Lucie County, State of Florida sues Apple over a personal injury suffered while in the Apple Wellington Green store. According to the complaint filed by Harris, "The Apple Inc. employee dropped a sharp metal shelf bolder on the Plaintiff's left arm while locating an iPhone case for her iPhone." As noted below, our report provides you with a full copy of the complaint filed in Florida.    


1 Lovey Love Harris Sues Apple, Personal Injury Case by Jack Purcher on Scribd


Update 9:05 pm: Our original report mistakenly named the Plaintiff "Lovely Love Harris." The correct name is "Lovey Love Harris," and we apologize for the error. Our byline, report, Twitter and Facebook entries have all been corrected. We learned of the mistake moments before we made the correction from an email from a visitor to our story who wished not to be identified.  


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