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Apple's CEO Tim Cook told financial analysts on Tuesday that "Sales of Apple Watch were up more than 50% in the June quarter and it's the number one selling smartwatch in the world by a very wide margin." Apple only makes a smartwatch and not the volume-oriented junky sport-bands by those like Xiaomi and Fitbit. It's ridiculous that sites like Strategy Analytics, IDC and others continue to put Apple into a general wearables category instead of one that is dedicated to smartwatches. Then again, Apple would have such a large lead in such a category, it would make every competitor look stupid. So the latest report by Strategy Analytics plays up Xioami as the world's #1 wearables Vendor in Q2 2017. Xiaomi doesn't make a smartwatch and so the headline is so deceiving. Xiaomi is really the leader of Super Cheap bands selling for $29. That's what the headline should read. You could read the purposely slanted report here.To me, this is a form of professionally designed Fake News.


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