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In June Patently Apple posted a report titled "Apple Updates Apple Logo Trademark to Cover Tourism, Tours, Hotel Reservations, Electricity Distribution and more." Today I discovered a new Apple filing in Hong Kong for the Apple logo that covers a whole new set of possible future products that Apple wants legal coverage for. Of course Apple hides what they really want covered within a sea of boiler plate verbiage that is classic basic coverage for International Class number 28. Most items are obviously never going to be made by Apple while some are questionably possible as they cover themes Apple has shown some interest in. I've highlighted a few items of interest that relate to distinct two themes. The first theme relates to video games, game consoles and apparatus – which could also cover a future gaming AR/VR headset. The second theme covers fitness. Perhaps you'll see other possible themes within international class 28 that is listed in full below.


Apple legal doesn't apply for an extension of coverage for the company logo without cause. Apple legal obviously knows that they have to extend their legal coverage for the Apple logo for something new that hasn't been covered before. Something new is on Apple's radar that is covered exclusively within the scope of international class #28.



Apple Files Company Logo under International Class 28

The following covers International Class 28, according to Apple's Hong Kong filing:


"Games and playthings; gymnastic and sporting articles not included in other classes; decorations for Christmas trees; playing cards; electronic hand-held game units; musical toys, games and playthings; toy audio apparatus; toy musical boxes; toy musical instruments; toy record players for playing tunes and cassettes; battery operated toys; electronic toys; electric computer games, other than those adapted for use with television receivers; electrical and electronic amusement apparatus (automatic, coin/counter freed); video games other than those adapted for use with television receivers only; computer game apparatus other than coin operated or those adapted for use with television receivers; video output toys and games; electronically operated toys; interactive computer toys and games; stand-alone video game machines incorporating a means of display; toy computers (not working); toy mobile telephones (not working); Christmas crackers (bonbons); dolls; toy and novelty face masks; novelties in the form of souvenirs; snow glass balls; computer games apparatus, electronic games apparatus and video games apparatus, not included in other classes; board games; toy vehicles; seasonal ornamentation; balloons; parlour games; jigsaw puzzles; skateboards; ice skates; balls; baseball gloves; action figures and accessories to the action figures; card games; dolls' clothing and accessories not included in other classes, all for use with dolls; apparatus for projecting game balls; pinball game machines (toys); pool tables and cues, racks and balls; hockey games; toboggans and sledges; inflatable toy pools; inflatable balls, figures and mattresses, all for recreational use; remote controlled toy vehicles; toy robots being transformable; playtrays for young children; computer controlled exercise apparatus, other than for therapeutic use; stuffed toy animals; toy banks; model kits; darts; dartboards; toy trucks; electronically operated toy vehicles; bicycling pads; ride-on toy vehicles; scale model vehicles, trains, and air planes; model trains; model kits of vehicles; inflatable toys; doll clothes, and other toys and dolls; billiard tables; billiard balls; billiard cues and other billiard equipment; snow sleds; aerial discs; balls for games; weight lifting belts and other sporting and gymnastic implements; die cast models; golf balls; golf tees; golf ball markers; toy building blocks; toy boxes; computer game programs; lottery tickets; flying discs; puzzles; dog toys, cat toys; rocking horses; pinball machines; fishing rods and tackle; game consoles; protective films adapted for screens for portable games; toys; portable games with liquid crystal displays; body-building apparatus; body rehabilitation apparatus; body-training apparatus; chest expanders [exercisers]; controllers for game consoles; controllers for toys; weight lifting belts [sports articles]."


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