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Earlier this month Patently Apple posted a report titled "Suspect in Custody for Stealing $50,000 worth of iPhones and iPads in Concord California." We noted in our report that the address of the robbery appeared to match that of a Verizon store. Today we're learning of yet another Verizon store being hit for Apple devices. Who has it in for Verizon?  



"In a heist that could be from a Hollywood script, burglars broke into a Verizon Wireless store early Monday by cutting a hole in the roof and then disabling the alarm and video surveillance systems," reports Mercury News.


The report further noted that "Once inside, they cut through a metal storage room door with a power saw and made off with nearly 200 iPhones, iPads, Samsung Galaxy cell phones and other high-end items.


But the two men who are suspected of breaking into a Verizon Wireless store Monday morning were arrested with about 189 items in their car valued at more than $189,000, including Apple and Samsung items, according to the Santa Clara County Sheriff's Office. A law enforcement source said one of the phones had a tracking device, which led deputies to the general area where the suspects were located.


The deputies spoke with the two men inside the Lexus and noticed a pile of Apple products in the backseat. Deputies recovered all the stolen merchandise and return the items to the store."


The burglars who were smart enough to break into the store through the roof were foiled by a tracking device in one of the phones and their own stupidity of leaving the stolen goods in plain site on the backseat of their car. Maybe they guys just couldn't find the trunk.


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