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On Friday Patently Apple posted a report titled "Apple States that Recent Comments made by Imagination Technologies are Inaccurate and Misleading." Today we learn that Apple has raised the stakes in its bitter stand-off with Imagination Technologies by opening an office on the British microchip company's doorstep.


Apple has planted its flag by renting a 22,500 square-foot office in St Albans, a stone's throw from Imagination's headquarters. It plans to use the office to develop its own graphics technology as it ditches Imagination, leading to fears that it will poach the British company's most talented staff.


The development is set to heighten tensions between the companies, exacerbating fears that Apple is seeking a quasi-takeover of its supplier by hiring its employees and weakening the company's hand as the two tussle over Apple's plans to ditch the company.


Apple has hired a string of Imagination employees in recent months including its former chief operating officer John Metcalfe, who have been placed staff at the iPhone giant's main UK office in London or in California. More than a dozen further job postings on Apple's website for experts in graphics hardware now advertise for roles in South Hertfordshire.


Imagination's technology forms the basis of the graphics chip that feature in every iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch but Apple is seeking to design its own as it takes greater control over the components in its devices.


Powerful graphics units are central to fast-growing technologies like virtual and augmented reality and artificial intelligence. For more on this, read the full Telegraph report here.


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