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Update 3:55 PM PST: Qualcomm sued Apple in Munich Today


Yesterday Patently Apple posted a report titled "Qualcomm's CEO in Video Interview Attempts to Downplay their War with Apple." Today the drama continues. Back in May Qualcomm sued Apple's iPhone suppliers for withholding royalty payments and today Apple's suppliers Hon Hai, Wistron, Compal Electronics and Pegatron have fired back with an antitrust lawsuit against Qualcomm alleging that the company has violated two sections of the U.S. based Sherman Act.


Theodore J. Boutrous, a lawyer for the four companies, said in a statement that "Qualcomm has confirmed publicly that this lawsuit against our clients is intended to make a point about Apple and punish our clients for working with Apple. The companies are bringing their own claims and defenses against Qualcomm."


Reuters further noted that "Much of the language in the contractors' allegations mirror Apple's objections to Qualcomm's business model. A senior Apple official confirmed that the company is helping to fund the contractors' legal defense as part of an indemnification agreement among the firms. Apple has also formally joined the contractor case as a defendant.


The lost license revenue from Apple has been a hit to Qualcomm's sales. Analysts expect $5.2 billion in revenue for the June quarter, down from $6 billion a year earlier."


So what did Apple think of the conciliatory tone set by Qualcomm's CEO the other day? Obviously not much.


Update: Qualcomm has just launched another lawsuit against Apple in Munich, Germany. For more details, see the full report by FOSS Patents here.


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