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Excited Apple Developers Race to Experiment with Apple's new Augmented Reality Framework called 'ARKit'



Last week Patently Apple posted a report about Apple's WWDC event regarding Augmented Reality titled "Apple's Senior VP of Software says that Apple will have the Largest AR Platform in the World." Some Apple developers couldn't wait to get cracking with Apple's new developer's tool ARKit. One such developer is 8ninths who thought it was an early Christmas gift. The company noted that "With the unveiling of Apple's ARKit, the studio was buzzing with excitement...our designers, developers and creative technologists eager to get their hands dirty and start experimenting with this new toolkit. After experimenting with (and being wowed by) the impressive tracking features and and object stabilization, we decided to put together a quick experience and share it with the world.



The other YouTube video below is from Cody Brown and it's titled "Apple ARKit + Unity + Overwatch Widowmaker Test Recording." Brown said that he had never seen tracking like this before.His tiny example in some ways is a little creepy, which is what you want in a game, right?



When developers are this excited, you know that they'll be working hard to get their apps ready for when Apple releases this feature on future iDevices.


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