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Yesterday ZNet, Appleinsider and others reported that Samsung's Global sales of their new Galaxy S8 smartphone were far blow their Galaxy S4 peak. Hell, even some Korean press reports backed that up. Overnight however, The Korea Times reports that Galaxy S8 sales top 10 million in 3 weeks. So which is it?


According to the Korea Times today, a Samsung official told them that "The global sales of the Galaxy S8 series have already surpassed the 10 million mark."


In order to keep up the momentum, Samsung plans to expand sales to 120 countries, including China, by the end of this month. Analysts forecast that 20 million Galaxy S8s will be sold during the second quarter and 60 million this year, which would be a new record for Samsung.


Samsung's current best-selling smartphone is the Galaxy S7. According to Strategic Analytics this month, the gadget's combined sales reached 55 million as of the first quarter of the year.


While the Korea Times is now claiming that Samsung has sold 10 million S8 globally, they reported the figure was 5 million yesterday. So which is it?




Yesterday's Korea Times report stated that a Samsung official stated that "Although we cannot provide a detailed figure, the sales are going smoothly around the globe. The combined sales already are beyond 5 million units." The "combined sales" is referring to their Galaxy S8 and S8-Plus models.


This is so off-the-wall that it's beyond fake news. Unless the Korea Times or Samsung can clarify which of the two numbers reflect reality, we'll just have to wait for the official numbers that will be published in the coming months to know the truth.Then again, perhaps there will be a new story tomorrow with newly inflated numbers or a big fat apology from someone for promoting this Fake News. Stay tuned.


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