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In 2009 Patently Apple posted a report titled "Apple Reveals a Highly Advanced Battery Charging System Patent." The report covered Apple's 2007 filing. Apple was granted a patent for this invention a year later. Seven years later and Apple is keeping this invention alive and active. Today the US Patent & Trademark Office published Apple's continuation patent application wherein they've added a new set of patent claims.


Apple's first claim which is new states that "An electronic system comprising: an electronic device; and a plurality of batteries, wherein each battery in the plurality of batteries independently negotiates with the electronic device for an agreed power level at which power is to be transferred between the electronic device and the battery." In the last claim they note that "The electronic system relates to a pair of headphones." It's the only device identified specifically in their patent claims.


In particular, the patent later describes these headphones as: "larger wireless audiophile-type headphones" and "small sport-type headphones." So perhaps Apple wants to cover Beats headphones as possibly being redesigned to accommodate this new battery charging invention.


To review all of the additional patent claims for this invention update, click here.


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