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Flexible batteries that operate normally even when they are cut with a scissor or folded in 180° or twisted excessively have been released. Their applications are infinite as they can be applied to wearable devices, Smart watches, AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) devices, and wireless headsets.


South Korean Amo Greentech Co., Ltd., which is a subsidiary of Amotech, made an announcement yesterday that it finished testing performance of 'flexible lithium-ion battery', which was developed by its own technologies, and is going to start mass-producing it at facilities in South Korea and China starting in October.


Phones and tablets that fold have been in the news of late gearing up for 2019 and beyond. Having foldable, bendable batteries is yet another product required to support the next-gen smartphone category. Apple and Samsung are apparently the front runners in this emerging market.


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This will be about a year faster than battery technologies from Samsung and LG that are planning to commercialize them in 2018.


Amo Greentech Co., Ltd. is planning to mass-produce 6 small secondary batteries such as 42mAh, 135mAh, 650mAh, 1,000mAh, and 2,000mAh batteries that have already received certifications from UL, which is an international performance and safety standard, IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission), and KSC (Korea Standards Commission). It is possible to apply these products right away.


Currently testing on credibility of these batteries is being carried out by unnamed medical device and wireless headset manufacturers from the U.S. and a Smart Band manufacturer from China.


The company notes that these batteries operate normally even when they are forcibly folded 180° or twisted left and right up to 20°. They still operate normally even when batteries are damaged from nails and cut with non-metallic (ceramic) scissors. Unlike how current flexible batteries have flexibility by having separate space between cells of batteries, these batteries are designed by having a cell easily bent like a straw.


Team Leader Noh Seung-yoon of Amo Greentech Co., Ltd.'s Battery Business Team added that "We are at a point where we can commercialize batteries that not only have flexibility through net-like 3D nano-fiber coating technology but also eliminated risk of ignition from extreme outer impac. Because we already finalized a contract with a Chinese IT device manufacturer regarding supply of these batteries, we are going to mass-produce these batteries in October without problems."


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