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Apple iDevice Partner Pegatron Humorously States that they'll consider a U.S. iDevice Plant if Apple Absorbs the Costs

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Back in November Patently Apple posted a report titled "Apple Reportedly Preparing a Responsible U.S. iPhone Plant Back-Up Business Plan." In that report we noted that "Apple asked both Foxconn and Pegatron, the two iPhone assemblers, in June 2016 to look into making iPhones in the U.S." Reportedly "Foxconn complied, while Pegatron declined to formulate such a plan due to cost concerns." Since that time a lot has changed.


Foxconn appears to have lost interest in the project and Apple's CEO decided to open a plant instead in India where they could access slave-like wages and work with a government that would close a blind eye to their use of materials from slave camps.


So as the dream of an iPhone plant in the U.S. fades into the sunset, Pegatron appears to want a little good PR and is now open to the idea of an American iPhone plant. The catch in this make believe offer is the punchline. They're open to starting a U.S. iPhone plant if Apple would absorb the costs of such a plant. Ha! I needed a good laugh today, and this news just hit my funny bone dead on.


Pegatron currently has iDevice plants in Taiwan, China, Mexico and the Czech Republic. If for any reason Apple products are actually made in Mexico for the American market, then it's here where it could force Apple to support a U.S. Plant. That's the only thing that may put a plan into real action.


But on the surface, the report from the Focus Taiwan today is rather humorous considering Pegatron's initial revulsion to the idea of a U.S. Plant.


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