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The latest rumor leaking out of South Korea today about the upcoming Galaxy S8 is that its digital assistant 'Bixby,' will support seven to eight different languages including Korean, English, French and Chinese. That translates to supporting at least five more languages than the Google Assistant currently supports. Samsung will use this as an advantage over their competitors.


The reasoning for supporting so many languages in the new Galaxy S8 is lure users to their next generation home appliances, televisions and even Samsung Pay that will support Bixby.


Samsung Electronics is planning to develop Bixby as an open-type platform that can be linked to third-party's services as well as its own services such as Samsung Pay and Samsung Health.


Samsung's First U.S. Appliance Plant


On the second front this week, Samsung Electronics has confirmed its plan to build a home appliance manufacturing plant with an annual production capacity of 2 million units to tentatively operate early next year in South Carolina of the U.S – though an alternative site could be located in Alabama. Currently Samsung manufactures appliances for the U.S. market in Tijuana Mexico.


The plant will be its first American production line for home appliances and aims to manufacture 2 million units a year from next January.


Samsung Electronics has advanced its plan for the plant because U.S. President Donald Trump directly put pressure on the company. After agreeing to a plant, President Trump sent out a tweet "Thank you, Samsung. We would love to have you!"


The report importantly noted that "one-third of sales of Samsung Electronics' Consumer Electronics division come from North America," so it's only reasonable to request that a plant be opened in the U.S. to support the U.S. economy. Why be allowed to make huge profits in the U.S. and not contribute to the economy of one of their largest customers? It's not Mexico generating 33% of their sales. So Trump's insistence on companies making huge profits in the U.S. contribute accordingly. It's why Apple makes iPhones in China to gain that country's business.


It's interesting to see companies from Japan, China and South Korea willing to work with President Trump while the contribution from U.S. tech companies thus far has to been to line up and complain about a 90 day ban in several Muslim countries that Obama had first deemed dangerous. Hopefully Tesla and other responsible U.S. companies will step up to the plate in the coming years and hit some home runs that wil bring more manufacturing jobs back to the U.S. because whining produces nothing but ill will. 


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