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CNN along with a host of mindless reporters ran with a misguided report yesterday about a newly published Apple patent that they claimed was an invention by Apple related to a consumer Vape with a possible doping twist.   


CNN writes that "Many people use vapes to inhale nicotine or marijuana, and they are sometimes used as a replacement for cigarettes. The FDA began regulating vaping last year, and set rules for the manufacturing and distribution of vapes and their components." Just mentioning that in association with an Apple patent in any way shape or form shows us that the brain dead writers that dream up this Fake News over at CNN all day are alive and well. It's like they're a league of morons.


I mean really, is this where CNN's brilliant writers actually think where Apple could be headed next for a consumer product? Maybe it'll double as an iPhone, right? Oh my lord, stupid rules the day. It's all about rushing forward with a crazy byline just to get hits and website traffic for their dying ratings since the election. The thing is they forgot to tell you that the title of the patent isn't just vape or vaporizer - it's titled 'Sublimator/Vaporizer."


Do personal vapes use Thermal Fluids to inhale? Jeez I hope not – because Apple's invention has a thermal fluid outlet built right into their sublimator/vaporizer.


While most of Apple's patents are related to consumer hardware and software products, they also patent inventions for their industrial design team, for testing equipment, for production equipment and so forth. Patently Apple has a dedicated archive called Materials and Processes covering such inventions. In fact we reported on Apple newly devised invention for taking X-ray scans of devices that won't be a commercial product. Other examples include: inventing a method to manufacture hardened ceramics with the use of particles; inventing a new liquid metal based 3D printing method for rapid prototyping; inventing a new laser marking system for the iPad Pro's Smart Keyboard – with the system looking like a next-generation printing machine.


2af 88 laser printer system

Dyenamic Sublimation is a process used in custom printing used with a heated printing press station designed for dying logos and such onto t-shirts and could be a new way that Apple is experimenting with in Ive's Industrial design lab to print the letters on iPad Pro keyboards instead of using a laser ablated method or in conjunction with that process that uses vaporization.


But Apple is also into Solar heating and energy efficiency systems for their buildings and server farms and heaters that use thermal fluid, like Apple's system, uses a coiled system – just as shown in Apple's invention schematic below.


3af 88 sublimator from apple

In Apple's patent FIG. 3 noted we're able to see a section view of the apparatus fitted with a carrier gas mechanism. Further into the patent filing Apple specifies that "the 'carrier gas' may be an inert gas such as argon, nitrogen, helium or other inert gas that is non-reactive relative to the substance."


Hmm, would a personal vaporizer for human consumption use argon gas? Argon is mostly used as an inert shielding gas in welding and other high-temperature industrial processes. Ya, right, suck that up in your personal vaporizer – yummy. Ha! The craziest things you hear these days from "news organizations."


Apple invents many devices for processes and sometimes they don't go out of their way to appease the public with an explanation for what they're going to use their secret patented idea for. How shocking.


But having morons jumping to conclusions based on a single word "vaporizer" in a technical patent is scary to think that these people are supposed to be serious writers we're to trust.


Just this morning another moronic story arose from the UK titled "Get read for the iCig: Apple files patent for a VAPE that could also be used for marijuana." I guess they took CNN's twisted report seriously, like a lot of kids. Thanks CNN.


Here's another winning byline: "Guess what new Dope Patent Apple Filed." And what video just happened to be at the bottom of that report? Of course, the one below about marijuana. Opportunistically positoned perhaps?


You could check out Apple's full patent filing here. Just don't be disappointed when the invention doesn't mention oils or herbs or normal things that personal vaporizers are associated with, because they're nowhere to be found. And when you look at this big fat hunk of coils with a deep industrial form factor, does it look like a cool consumer product from Apple? Really? Well, that's up to you to decide, of course. But Warning: Don't read this patent while you're vaping because it just might make you a little paranoid or loopy like the writers of those dopey stories. (ha!).


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CNN's Motive for Angling Apple's patent towards dope? They ran their CNN video on Dope as a lead in.



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