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On June 21 Patently Apple posted a report titled "Korea's Fair Trade Commission Set to Investigate Apple over Unfair Contracts with Local Carriers." The report provided a bit of history how Apple has been investigated continually for "damaging" the Korean market. We also noted that Apple completed their work with Korea's Fair Trade Commission to revise their "unfair service agreements."


And yet somehow something wasn't to the liking of this Korean body as South Korea's ETNews was all to happy to rush out a skimpy report today claiming that the "South Korean Government to Sanction Apple's Unfair Actions." Remember, this was the same publication that went ballistic when the U.S. announced a recall of the Note7 saying that it was a conspiracy to assist Apple.


The full ETNews report states the following:


"South Korean Government has confirmed unfair contracts between Apple and South Korean mobile network providers and is preparing for evaluations on whether or not it will impose sanctions on Apple."


With Apple's contracts being so unfair after years of being in Korea without complaint, I could understand why Apple wants to open their first flagship store in South Korea next year and perhaps a series of stores by 2019.


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