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Apple has been fighting VirnetX since 2010. Apple lost their first case to VirnetX back in 2012. Just as that lawsuit ended, VirnetX was back in court the very same day filing yet another patent infringement case against Apple. Apple then appealed in 2014 and VirnetX appealed again and won. Apple filed a motion for a mistrial in February of this year. Then in May we reported that VirnetX had filed an injunction to force Apple to shut down patent infringing FaceTime and iMessage. In August VirnetX's stock plunged when a Judge voided the $625 million verdict against Apple. Apple was on a roll by getting UPSTO to invalidate 4 VirnetX Patents complicating their September 26 trial. But in the end, it's being reported by Reuters that Apple lost the case on Friday being ordered to pay VirnetX $302 million in damages for using their technology in FaceTime without permission.


The next step in this case is VirnetX will be back in court with Apple over willful infringement which could double Friday's verdict.


Without a doubt Apple will appeal once again, especially because the majority of the patents have been invalidated by the U.S. Patent Office. That process of invalidation will take years to iron out for a final verdict.


Cases this complicated shouldn't be tried by the Tyler Texas patent troll happy court. For this case to ever end correctly it has to go before a higher court and hopefully before judges specializing in patent infringement law.


With that said, Friday's verdict is just another round in what appears to be a case that will drag on for over a decade before it's finally concluded. So stay tuned, there a lot more to come.


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