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Patently Mobile has reported extensively on Samsung's design and utility patents regarding flexible and foldable displays for tablets smartphones with dual displays for years. Samsung has been promising analysts that a bendable smartphone is just around the corner for a few years now and one has yet to materialize. Actually, Samsung's promises started way back in 2009 at CES. Once again Bloomberg reported in July that a bendable smartphone under the umbrella of 'Project Valley' could arrive in early Q1 2017. Will it come to be or will Samsung once again push it out into the future as it has for the last 7 years? It's beginning to look as if Samsung loves to pay engineers to dream up stuff that will never come to market just to look like their innovative with analysts or kept in reserve to sue others down the road who actually deliver a product to market. But who knows, perhaps Samsung's latest foldable tablet design #50 will be the lucky one.  Here's the thing: if Apple were ever to introduce a foldable tablet, you'd soon see Samsung rush to copy it within a year, hands down. For now Samsung's latest design for a foldable tablet is just another idea thrown at the wall to see if something will stick. For a little more on this, see Patently Mobile's full report here.


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