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A Troubling report surfaced in South Korea today stating that even after the recall, Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 batteries are displaying new problems. According to News Channel YTN, "The new handset still has battery issues. A Galaxy Note 7 buyer, surnamed Choi, had received a new Note 7 through the tech firm's recall program, which began on Sept. 19 in Korea. His new phone, however, had a battery that drained quickly, with its battery level dropping almost 1 percent every second. It also overheated easily. Even when the Note 7 was being charged, the battery drained quickly."


The report further noted that "After the battery level dropped to 1 percent, the battery did not get charged above 10 percent. And a technician at Samsung's after-sales service center disconnected the charger as soon as he found out the power draining issue, probably because he was concerned about a possible explosion," Choi was quoted as saying.


In a videotaped charge test of Lee's defective Note 7, the handset showed the battery going from 75 percent to 49 percent in 39 minutes.


Another Galaxy Note 7 user, surnamed Lee, also claimed that the new phone he received through Samsung's recall program had similar battery issues." So it appears to not be an isolated problem.


The report noted that "Lee's Note 7 exchanged through the recall program lost 15 to 16 percent power in less than 30 minutes. There is speculation that the latest battery problems of the exchanged Note 7 handsets are related to defects in the circuits inside the smartphone."


Patently Apple reported on September 14 that Samsung's engineers issued a software fix prior to the recall to lower battery recharging to 60% to help Note 7 customers avoid overheating. It was first reported on September 2 that "There was a tiny problem in the process of manufacturing battery cells. Some issues related to ringing effects and insulation tape within cells appeared to cause the problem." Then the story changed on September 13 when Bloomberg reported that "Initial conclusions indicate an error in production that placed pressure on plates contained within battery cells. That in turn brought negative and positive poles into contact, triggering excessive heat."


You'd think that the battery issue would have been fixed because they understood the problem. So why are the new batteries now causing new problems? Once again, racing to get the Note 7 back on store shelves is proving that Samsung's so-called concern for customer trust over profit is a false narrative in South Korea. If Samsung doesn't get this under control, a second round of battery issues could tank the company's reputation even amongst their loyal base.


It's already being reported by several sources in South Korea this morning that Samsung will suffer financially this quarter due to the recall as will LG for poor smartphone sales.


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